" His gym is always clean and organized.  Brian also customized a workout for me that works, he worked around the issues I have and helped me understand boxing theory, technical aspects of boxing and made me see it isn't just who can punch the hardest.  I was suprised by how much I enjoy the mental work out of  boxing!  On top of all that I have gained muscle, strength, and definition to my arms, shoulders, and core.  My wife started noticing it too and now she has started classes with Brian too.  My kids have been doing classes for a few weeks and beg to go to the kid's class everyday!  Now my whole family is working out with Brian and we love it!. "

--Brad H.

" If you are looking for a good workout and personal attention on how to improve your technique, this is the gym you want to come to. "

--Joan R.

" I have to say that since I have started personal training and boxing with Brian I have gained strength, balance and confidence.  Brian is technical and designs your workout that fits what you are working towards, I highly recommend Brian to help you work toward your personal fitness goals. "

--DonnaMarie S.

" Boxing and kickboxing classes are both intense workouts, while still delivering plenty of focus on technique and leaving you drained. "

--Connor H.

" Brian is a very talented instructor and truly has a vast amount of knowledge in proper techniques and form, muscle movement and articulating the reasoning behind his instructions. "

--Lauren D.

" As a student of several martial arts over 10+ years I have found my experience with Santa Cruz Boxing and MMA has been very positive.  The facility itself is clean, large and well equipped.  The instructors are personable, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. Camaraderie among the team is also strong, egos are checked at the door and we are all there to help forward the entire school rather than to be a 'tough guy'.  Each day I look forward to training, learning and getting a good sweat on.  See you tonight! "

--Chris C.

" The message I want to say to the world about this place is that you should come here.  You will enjoy getting fit with a side benefit of learning to protect yourself.  Brian is one of the best instructors I have experienced in anything. "

--Dylan H.

" I have been going to Santa Cruz Boxing and MMA since they opened in February.  Since then, I have received excellent martial art training, in a non-intimidating and enjoyable environment.  Brian Dunniway is extremely knowledgeable and well-trained, providing some of the best boxing, kickboxing and MMA in the area.  Santa Cruz Boxing and MMA is a great place to work out and have fun doing it.  If you are interested in boxing or martial arts, I highly recommend this facility.  It is without a doubt, a great martial arts gym. "
--Brandon B.

" I would absolutely recommend this gym and the classes to anyone.  I drive from Aptos in the morning and it's only 20 minutes because I miss the traffic, so it is absolutely worth the extra effort. "

--Olwen S.

" I take kickboxing, but there are also boxing classes, fitness classes and a class for kids.  It's a VERY good workout and I can see how much stronger and toned I've gotten. "

--krystle C.

" This business is impressive. My 10 year old loved both private lessons with Brian the owner as well as the group lessons. I watched both children and adults learn in a very caring structured environment. If your someone who wants to get in shape or help your children's confidence in bully situations give Brian an opportunity to address your goals. Don't let the MMA sign scare you. Think of a place where you can learn numerous ways of getting in shape and defending yourself without all the testosterone and sales pressure. The place just feels good !!!! "

--Barry C.

" Brian's gym and his teaching approach is awesome, fun, technical and a great workout.  I recommend taking a group class to warm-up and then taking a private class with him.  Brian instantly sees what you are missing/doing wrong and teaches you the right way to do it. "

--Sebastian Y.

" The boxing class provided is the best workout I have ever had.  Working the bags, partner exercises, and jump rope work focused on cardio and strength building. "

--Dave S.

" I can't say enough good things about Santa Cruz boxing and MMA.  I joined due to my long interest in wanting to learn how to box, as well as looking for a good workout, and SC Boxing delivered that on both counts!  The owner Brian is a fantastic guy who makes you feel incredibly welcome from the first time you walk in, and that doesn't even take into account his boxing knowledge and teaching skills which are both top notch! "

--Anthony M.

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