Charlie is our unofficial mascot, greeter and spectator entertainer.  Charlie had a
rough life before his rescue, but now he enjoys long walks in the woods, table scraps
and spending time with his family and friends.

Brian Dunniway

Brian has over 25 years of experience in boxing, martial arts and fitness.   Much like Bruce Lee’s philosophy, Brian searched for practical application through many fighting styles and adopted what works. He incorporates these principles into his training.  He began focusing on boxing and kickboxing when he realized the practical application and opportunity to compete these arts offered. Through the years, he has had the opportunity to train with excellent coaches and teach at several gyms in Southern California and the Bay Area.  He continues to train to this day. He combines his experience and education to provide his members with the most thorough work out experience, while insuring a fun and challenging environment.

                USA Boxing Certified Coach

                MMACA Certified (Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association)

                ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

                B.S. Degree Kinesiology (Exercise Nutrition and Health)

Robert Terrance

Robert is a USA certified boxing coach under Coach/Trainer Rick Noble and World Boxing Champion Carina Moreno. He has been involved in a variety of martial art systems for over 30+ years, primarily under the instruction of Grand Master Bill Owens of Oakland. He has traveled domestically and internationally teaching seminars on marital art movements of self-defense and is a board member of the Whipping Willow Association and Fa Chaun Association of Schools. Currently a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) under the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM),  he has conducted personal and group training sessions for a wide variety of athletes including but not limited to professional and amateur boxers, MMA fighters, basketball, football, track, golf, jujitsu, and many other athletes in a variety of sports.

                USA Boxing Certified

                NASM Certified

                7th Degree Black Belt in Blossom Fist

                Assistant coach for U C Santa Cruz Basketball team

Kelly Ryan

Kelly began his Martial Arts training in his teens, exploring the basics of Japanese martial arts through jujitsu, before delving deeper into the world of martial arts through the study of Chinese Kung Fu. Primarily specializing in Baguazhang (Eight Trigram Palm), Taijiquan (Grand Ultimate Fist), and Yiquan (Mind Boxing), Kelly's search for Martial skill has motivated him to also study Brazilian Jujitsu, MMA, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Western Boxing. In addition, His education includes extensive study of Chinese Medicine, as well as various systems of Meditation, which Kelly has traveled within the States and overseas to learn. He continues to refine his skill in the Martial Arts by focusing on the training method given to him, while embracing new and effective information as it comes.

                Instructor Level • Baguazhang

                Instructor Level • Taijiquan

                Doctorate of Medical Qigong Therapy • D.M.Q. (China)

                Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine • M.T.C.M.

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