Do I need any experience?
No, our classes are designed with both the experienced individual and the complete novice in mind.

What if I am not in shape?
Great, that is what we are here for.  We work mostly in rounds, so you can pace yourself.  Most exercises are done with body weight or
a 10-12lb medicine ball.
  The classes will work your endurance, strength, and metabolism. Which is just a fancy way of saying; it will
give you a whole body work out.

Do I need equipment?
For the Boxing and Kickboxing Classes you will need hand wraps and gloves.  You can borrow gloves for the first two weeks.  Wraps and gloves can be purchased at any point.

How much is it?
Your first class is free.  We have different rate options, contact us and we will send you more information.

Will I be getting punched?
There is no contact in any of the circuit classes. There may be light contact drills or pad work in the boxing and kickboxing classes.

What is the difference between Boxing/Kickboxing and Boxing/Kickboxing circuit? 
Both classes will work your fitness and fighting skills.   In the Boxing and Kickboxing class we also partner up and work on technique and defense drills.  In the circuit classes we work conditioning at a variety of stations in between rounds on the bags.

Do you have sparring?
Yes, we do offer sparring M-W-F at 6pm (other times available with advanced notice)
(controlled contact with instructor approval only).

Do you offer personal training?
Yes. We offer one hour and half hour personal training sessions.  You can spend this time with a trainer working one on one for skills in boxing,
kickboxing, and fitness.  Contact us for more information and pricing.

What if I want to compete?
We are in your corner.  We are associated with USA Boxing and IKF.  If you have a fight in mind, or want to set one up, we can help.  We can train you for competitions in Boxing and Kickboxing.  The fighter’s preparation and safety are our primary concern.

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